10 Free Chrome SEO Extensions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the Most Important Chapter of Any Digital Marketing Strategy.

Besides many paid SEO tools, if you would like to save some money, I suggest using Free Chrome SEO extensions. Now I’m going to explain to you why.

You or Your Team Need to Keep up With the Many Updates That Will Be Released Every Few Months. For the many startups or small businesses out there, apply an efficient and complete SEO strategy can be exhausting and complicated.

Monitor and track is essential in Digital Marketing. In fact, you should focus on many aspects of business activity: performance, metrics, speed load, links and backlinks and much more.

Many tools are quite expensive and required registrations or many steps before getting to work. Free SEO extensions are the best solution because are more flexible.

Here You Are a List of the 10 Free Chrome SEO Extensions

So today I’m going to share with you the best ten free SEO extensions that can help you during your daily work.

1. Essential SEO Toolkit.


  • SEO and traffic analysis;
  • Speed Analysis;
  • Website and SEO audit;
  • Social Signals: it tracks social media shares;
  • Google Mobile-FriendlyBro test;
  • Duplicate content checker;
  • It generates automatically an XML sitemap for your domain.

Click here to have more info and get it.

2. Edit this Cookie

This free version can report a bug, make the browser faster, protect a cookie, block a cookie, import and export cookies.

Click here to have more info and get it.

3. Broken Link Checker

This free extension will scan a website and it will get you a full report with broken links, backlinks, missing images, CSS, Javascript and redirects.

Click here to have more info and get it.

4. SEO Quake


  • A deep SERP analysis will be provided and you can export the data in CSV format;
  • It shows social media element and data;
  • A detailed keywords report will be elaborated;
  • It carries out a complete SEO audit analyzing specific metrics;
  • It checks device compatibility and much more.

Click here to have more info and get it.

5. URL Builder


  • Create links in bulk;
  • Save the template for UTM campaigns and sync them with your team;
  • Auto-fill fields for speed and consistency;
  • Share links directly on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Bit.ly integration and much more.

Click here to have more info and get it.

6. Keywords everywhere

This is my special one, my favourite extension. It is easy to use. Insert your keyword in the search box, the extension gives you back the Search Volume, Competition and CPC cost, correlate keywords with same fields. You can also export in CSV format.

Click here to have more info and get it.

7. Web developer

This free extension will add a toolbar on your browser. From there you can have these tools: clear session, display element information, display image size files, display topographic information, CSS.

Click here to have more info and get it.

  1. What Runs?

It is a technical tool that detects almost everything: frameworks, web technologies, CMSs and its plugins, themes and fonts and much more. It is different from others because it is less heavy, has better accuracy and it recognizes even the last technologies and updates.

Click here to have more info and get it.

9. Google Page Speed Insights

It is a free tool that will help you check the page speed load. Based on the outcome, it will give you insights to how to fix possible issues.

Click here to have more info and get it.

10. Keyword Planner by Clever Ads

If you are going to create Ads Campaigns, this free tool will help you find long-tail keywords with just one click. Simply go to the website to analyze and click on the extension. Successively, it will get you a list of keywords that your competitor is using to get more traffic.

Click here to have more info and get it.

Now it is your turn. Firstly, go to the Chrome Extension panel. Then, based on your need, download the extension. Install try them. If you don’t feel comfortable how they work, remove the extension from your browser—freedom and power in one click.

Have fun and don’t hesitate to contact for any questions.

Valeria Di Lonardo

Digital Marketer Freelancer| Ita & Eng| I help professionals and small businesses find the simplest way to boost their activity.

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