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The new algorithm MUM and the latest updates


Welcome back to my humble SEO guide for beginners. In my two first articles, we talked about SEO techniques and how to carry out deep keyword research based on user intent.

This third article will talk about the latest updates and news about Google’s algorithm and the new privacy settings. Let’s start!

What is MUM, the new algorithm?

Google has released a new and robust algorithm. We moved from BERT to a Multitask Unified Model (MUM). How does it work?

The new algorithm will be able to handle more complex and lengthy searches compared to keywords. It will base its work on Artificial Intelligence and will also be able to analyze Images and Videos.

Example of a search: “I hiked Mount Adams, and now I want to hike Mount Fuji next fall; what should I do differently to prepare myself?”

He is also Multilingual because he can understand 75 different languages.

What should we do to face this change?

The only way to keep up with the new Google rules is to study and understand user intent, analyze even more the data available on your Customer Persona and implement more complex sentences in the web content or product description.

Googᥣᥱ Chromᥱ: cookies will disappear in 2022

cookies will disappear by 2022

Did you know that? Third-party cookies will not longer be active on Chrome.

From 2022 Chrome will renounce third-party cookies, thus penalizing the unique identification of users for tracking, profiling, retargeting.

Google intends to respond to the numerous requests from consumers for greater transparency and clarity on the use of their online data. Hence the desire to create a platform that focuses on privacy and clarity.

This process will give severe problems to those who do not integrate a new tracking system, not to target their ads profitably.

What will change in the advertising?

What will change in the advertising?

Let’s go back to yesterday’s speech. We talked about removing cookies on Chrome. So how will this change affect online advertising?

By 2022, Google will implement a new privacy management model called the Google Privacy Sandbox. The goal is to prevent the 1a1 recognition of users for commercial and marketing purposes. The consequences will have a massive impact on various subjects:

  • USERS: Advertising messages will be less personalized;
  • PUBLISHERS: sites that host external advertisements will see their revenues cut by 64%. So they will have to invest in #ads relevant to the content and context of the site.
  • ADVERTISERS: they will have to find new ways to offer a more personal experience
  • ADTECH PLATFORMS: they must offer solutions based on user interactions and behaviours on the individual site.

How to trace users without cookies?

The revocation of banners and personalized ads will negatively impact a market (programmatic advertising) worth 588 million euros in Italy alone. User profiling will likely be guided by artificial intelligence, by the data collected on the browser and e-mail.

How will we track users without cookies?

1. First-party cookies: they are created and used only by the website owner that issued them. They contain helpful information to improve the use by the user, recognizing the user at each visit and thus allowing to save preferences, favourites, products in the cart;

2. Local Storage: The Local Storage solution is conceptually similar to cookies and is also aimed at individual recognition and therefore is certainly not to be considered feasible in the medium term.

3. Fingerprint: tracking the user’s fingerprint through his browser


Don’t underestimate these changes because they can impact your traffic, data analysis and strategy. To implement these new technologies, I suggest you call an IT programmer.
It will be tough to scale your brand and business if you don’t know if you target the right people or don’t know their location.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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