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Ecosystem & CSR

How do businesses build ecosystems?

When it comes to business, we automatically associate it with profit and sales. But the market in the last ten years has changed, and the target has become more selective and attentive. Having the power of the purchase decision, many people prefer dealing with businesses that convert their processes to support the ecosystem and the environment more concretely. The purchasing power that addresses these issues can influence and affect how businesses operate. It is no longer the price that attracts customers but a social responsibility.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

What CSR means is that a business does more for the wellbeing of others than required in an economical and legal sense.

There are different types of CSR:

  • Environmental CSR: focuses on eco-issues such as climate change.
  • Community-based CSR: businesses work with other organizations to improve the quality of life of the people in the local community.
  • HR based CSR: projects that improve the wellbeing of the staff.
  • Philanthropy: businesses donate money to a good cause, usually partnering with a charity partner.

How do consumers perceive CSR?

We hear of brands partnering with charities, switching to ethically sourced ingredients, or opting for sustainable packaging, for example. But there are still many out there who aren’t as entrenched in CSR, like many low-cost fashion manufacturies.

A survey carried out by GlobalWebIndex revealed just 1 in 3 people are aware of CSR and what it is. But 16-24s are the most attentive to buy eco-friendly products and to support charities.

Statistics: how consumers perceive CSSR policy
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Clutch, instead, surveyed 420 consumers in the U.S. to learn how people perceive brands that apply CSR strategies.

Which type of target cares about CSR
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Best brand 2019 for applying CSR
“The Top 100 Companies With The Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reputation” by A. Goncalves (2019). Available at: https://youmatter.world/en/top-100-companies-best-csr-reputation2019-28108/

I’d like to introduce an example of a CSR project: Ethics4growth (e4g)

In recent months I have had the pleasure of meeting a person who has become, even if only in a virtual way”, a friend of digital views. Actually, it was fortunate to meet him because he is launching an exciting project concerning CSR applied to the development of profitable and sustainable business ecosystems.

To illustrate this project that is attracting significant attention, I interviewed Mauro Manfredi, one of the founders of the project.

Mauro, tell me about yourself

Good question, indeed a fair request! I am a person who loves the details that make a difference in life. Those particularities that know how to make something seemingly simple into desired. I think this definition can encompass the concept, in itself, of innovation and thinking outside the box. See, observe and test the market, things that are not always so clear and visible to everyone.

I have always loved giving shape to projects, and I was able to do it by operating in different market areas, niches and countries. Following my motto today, “If you can’t find a solution, Create it!” I am here today embracing a new and essential challenge to improve the environment in which we too live.

How and when was this idea of ​​community born?

It all started listening to a person, Giuseppe Macca. The world of CSR was a world that interested me. My attention to everything that could have a positive impact on the market and in people’s lives is my job’s key. With e4g we decided to create a community to help people understand how it is possible to have an impact on a social level while producing profits for themselves.

CSR (and the concepts of sustainability) are essential but we would like to go beyond standard categorizations. If CSR and innovation are at the centre of a business model and strategy, they are capable of maturing significant effects in terms of returns and benefits.

I think who intend to make a profit ethically can only help them build an ecosystem that regenerates and grows organically. Otherwise, you will always have to spend a lot of resources to have new customers. Here we come to a decision. Our goal is having an impact on a broader audience and, at the same time, create an ecosystem of people capable of doing extraordinary things.

Here comes the idea of ​​the community where people meet to learn how to create or make a sustainable and profitable business. People that we love to call e4g Business Changers.

What kind of content will you offer?

Purely practical. Starting from the course developed from real experiences, we combine concepts of online activities (workshops) in which people can put into practice the concepts learned and then be measured.

We will also have external sources, in the style of hackathons, where the best of the community will compete in some project and challenge each other. This experience will be spent as a curriculum or, perhaps, to create a future in the project.

What platform will you use to share the content?

Our channels of communications are FB, Instagram and LinkedIn. The project, instead, will take action in a closed Facebook group with profiled access.

Once the project has started, will it be possible for other users to register?

Registrations will open shortly and will close, for the year 2021, certainly by December 2020. Those interested can follow us and will know the exact day from our communications. After this date, I’m not sure if we will open a second session before the end of the year.

How could you have more information about Ethics4growth?

If you want to know more about this project and community, follow these links below:

To contact Mauro and ask him more questions:

Mauro Manfredi

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/Mrmauromanfredi

LinkedIn:      https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrmauromanfredi

Web:              www.mauromanfredi.com


To make a social impact, it is essential to developing the right competencies and having the support of the right people.

Talk to you soon and thanks again to Mauro Manfredi and Ethics4growth.

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