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How to face the new market logics?

The pandemic has triggered a new “normal”, the Digital. It is no longer an option, but there is a real need to have a digital transformation to keep up with the competition and survive.

The pandemic had an impact on every social and economic country view. From the Covid emergency, it emerged that many businesses have experienced a sharp decline in sales. Reason? They were based on a business model that did not include the online shop but only on direct contact. Who has benefited the most? Of course, platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify.

What does it mean? That a consumer, even the least technological, has made at least one online purchase.

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“COVID-19 has changed online shopping forever, survey shows” by UNCTAD. Available at

According to UNCTAD, more than half of the survey’s respondents now shop online more frequently and rely on the internet more for news, health-related information and digital entertainment. Consumers in emerging economies have made the greatest shift to online shopping, the survey shows.

What is the level of digitization in Europe?

The Digital Economy and Society Index, monitors a series of parameters to measure the level of digitization of European countries in five macro areas: connectivity (worth 25% of the index), digital skills (worth 25% of the index), use of the Internet by individuals ( is worth 15% of the index), integration of digital technologies by companies (worth 20% of the index) and digital public services (worth 15% of the index).

According to the Desi 2020 index, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are the top four countries for global digital performance within the EU, followed by Malta, Ireland and Estonia.

“The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)” by The European Parliament. Available at

As regards digital skills, further progress is needed, especially since the Covid-19 crisis has shown that, in order to access information and services, it is essential that citizens have adequate digital skills. Much of the EU population (42%) still does not have basic digital skills.

How to fill the most significant gaps?

How many times have you searched for a restaurant in your area or your tourist destination? And how many times have you discarded those restaurants that, on the Google tab, did not have a telephone contact to call or a site where you can see what kind of menu they offer? Do you think these are not essential details? I am! The current user is very selective, attentive, and demands as much information as possible before deciding.

How many times have you searched for an online course, and there were no details such as duration, price and assistance? How many times have you bought something online and have not received a confirmation email or order tracking number?

These are structural deficiencies that lead to the loss of potential customers and negative reviews.

Why change the business model and go digital?

1. Change shouldn’t be scary, but it is an opportunity to improve and not lag behind your competitors;

2. Anyone can enter the virtual market by offering products and services;

3. Digital Marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing, like TV and radio, and is traceable and trackable, you can reach a much broader target. Each action equates to data that you can check and evaluate to change or implement your strategy;

4. The site is like your shop window: it is the tool that gives the first impression of your business to the potential customer. If I see a shop with a window covered with prints or dark, I will not enter it without the possibility of seeing the inside. From your site, you can allow the user to book any service you offer, purchase your product, ask for info through a Live Chat and much more. Personalization is equally essential. Make your site as similar as possible to your brand’s soul so that you can convey the right emotions to the visitor.

5. Automation helps you manage many aspects of your business automatically. You set the conditions, and the system does everything consequentially from a series of emails for an online shop, newsletters, reminders for appointments and reservations, and much more.

Being online is not enough. You have to plan a winning strategy.

Which marketing strategies should you choose and which ones are the best for you and your business?

The six most effective strategies that you can undertake without a too expensive investment are:

  • SEO;
  • Inbound Marketing;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Content Marketing;
  • Mobile Marketing.

Based on your action plan, objectives & budget, you can choose one or a combination of several types of marketing.

How long does it take to get results?

Be wary of Facebook and Instagram gurus. By those who take a 20-hour online course and consider themselves an expert in Digital Marketing. Who has 10,000 followers and has no more than € 100 in their pocket. I don’t say this because I want to sell my brand, but I know how many people rely on dubious characters, without skills, experiences and find themselves spending pennies and having no results.

You cannot earn € 10,000 per month with an affiliate program, spending an hour a day at your desk!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! It is not true. If this were the case, we were all on the beach 365 days a year between Italy and Brazil, or am I wrong? I would travel the world on a private jet!

Now let’s talk seriously.

Each estimate of the time required can only vary according to the channels chosen, the industrial sector to which they belong, the competition and the public have chosen. Digital marketing is not suitable for every business and cannot cover defects or problems within the company. If your company is in trouble or has an inferior quality product, you should optimise internal processes before investing in marketing.

If you apply an excellent SEO strategy from the beginning, you are already halfway through the work and to have a good result, it takes between 4 and 12 months.

An SEM or social media campaign can show short-term results, but without a value proposition or quality service or a user and mobile-friendly site, the outcome will be low.

Your business website is an essential tool for showcasing your brand and products, but search engines take time to rank.


Do not rush; if you take the right steps with commitment and perseverance, the results will coming. If you have a great Brand Strategy in place, you will surely see exciting outcomes. 

Valeria Di Lonardo

Digital Marketer Freelancer| Ita & Eng| I help professionals and small businesses find the simplest way to boost their activity.

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