How to actually make Customer Persona Fall In Love With You

How to create a customer persona

How To Turn Your Customer Persona From Blah Into Fantastic

How many times have we seen visionary and innovative projects getting lost in the maze of the online market and not understanding why?

In many cases, the answer is unique: they developed the product without adequate market research and validation of the idea. Carrying out proper market research not only means analyzing the competition but defining your target: if there is a demand for that product/service, if it offers a solution to the target’s problems and needs.

The priority and the fixed focus of your business must be to satisfy your target. How do you do it? Realizing a Customer Persona.

What is the Buyer Persona?

At the base of a good marketing strategy, it is good to have your target in mind.

A detailed buyer persona helps you focus on your customers’ pain points, challenges and needs. It also enables you to understand how to attract potential customers and generate interest in your product.

9 questions to define your dream buyer

  1. Name both online and offline places where your target hang out;
  2. Where does your target get their info?
  3. What are their biggest frustrations and challenges?  Es: “I need to lose 10 kg before my wedding”;
  4. What are their hopes, dreams and desires? If their challenge is: “I need to lose 10 kg before my wedding”, you can propose: “Our exercise program is designed to help you get shredded fast and drop 10/15 kg in 60days. Guaranteed!”
  5. What are their biggest fears?
  6. What is their favourite form of communications? Email-text-chat-FB live?
  7. Language: write down the exact phrases and terminology they use;
  8. Take note of their daily routine;
  9. What makes them happy?

Why creating a Customer Persona?

Generating and identifying your Customer Person allow you to create customized content based on customer needs, manage communication more effectively, and better understand how your product or service can meet their needs.

In specific, the benefits of defining your customer persona are:

  • They help you identify what your customers want.

Once you’ve done your research and identified the challenges your ideal customers face, you’ll be able to speak directly to them in your marketing campaigns;

  • You can understand how your customers make purchasing decisions.

A buyer persona will clarify why your customers take the time to commit to purchasing your products, whether they buy them on impulse or prefer pre-set monthly orders;

  • They keep your entire marketing team aligned.

A buyer persona highlights precise information about your ideal customers, the type of content they want to interact with, and where they want to interact. Buyer personas allow your marketing team to be aligned on delivering marketing messages, regardless of the different campaigns they may be working on at any given time.

  • They help you find out where your business can improve its products and services.

While you may think you already know how to reach your ideal customers and what’s important to them, you should still do your research. You may be surprised at what you find.

Depending on the industry in which you operate, you may need to outline a few (1 or 2) or many (10-20) customer personas.

However, to start, it is advisable to develop a small number of buyer personas; the standard is 3 to 5.

How and where to find a customer persona?

You can get insightful information through:

Qualitative research:: customer interviews, surveys and quizzes to carry out market research;

Quantitative searches: analysis of the traffic on your website and social networks, data on past customers, the information they release through landing pages or pop-ups.

With all these data and information about your target, you will have to manage them carefully and accurately. If your product or service and, therefore, the communication strategy doesn’t address this particular buyer persona, you would just have spent time and money.

Some techniques that I suggest you are:

1. Search on Google for popular blogs, LinkedIn forums, YouTube comment sections. If you have a shop online, check out Amazon and eBay reviews. Have a look at communities such as Reddit and Quora. Spy on your competition social media.

2. Ask yourself and take note: What are they saying? What are they happy with? What are their concerns and questions?

3. Gather all information into categories of comments or concerns that appear the most;

4. Check out Facebook groups and pages: find the gaps or shortcomings in the products or services already out there.

How to create a customer persona?

There are many online tools that allow you to create your own buyer persona but if you don’t feel comfortable, you can easily use a Word document.

As for ease of use, I can definitely suggest you:

Make my persona, by Hubspot.

Customer Persona


example of customer persona

If you like to realize, instead, some surveys to gather specific information and adapt them to your product/service, I’d suggest you to consider:


Before taking official action, exercise yourself gathering information, doing some market research, and building up two customer persona examples.

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