How To Use Inbound Marketing To Desire

Inbound Marketing

As an inbound marketer, your goal is to attract new potential customers to your business, interact with them on a large scale, and delight them individually.

Choosing and planning your strategy is not a joke!
You have to consider many factors, make careful choices, set SMART goals and start on the right foot.

Inbound Marketing is a method by which you establish lasting relationships with your customers, following them on their purchase path, from the moment they notice your brand and what you do until they purchase your product or service.

It is also essential to partner with your sales and service team to keep the system moving effectively and help business growth.

How Inbound Marketing works

The ways to apply the inbound methodology are:

  1. Attract: You don’t want anyone to access your website. You want people who are more likely to become happy leads and customers. How to get them there? You can attract the right customers with relevant content at the right time, in the right place, when they are looking for it.
  2. Engage:
  • Use conversations to build lasting relationships with prospects on their chosen channel, whether through email, bots, live chat, or messaging apps.
  • Use conversion tools, such as CTAs, forms, and lead flows, to capture information from prospects who visit your site.
  • Collect the most useful information in a CRM to personalize content and the entire shopper journey using email and workflows.

3. Close and Loyalty: Provide help and support to help your customers succeed with their purchase. When customers find success and share it with others, it attracts new potential customers into your organization, creating a self-sustaining cycle. This is how your organization builds momentum, and it will have many loyal customers.

Strategies for attracting potential customers

To reach your audience, start by creating and publishing content and optimize it with an SEO strategy.

Some examples of content you can create are:

– The Blog: Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve positive ROI. Those who post blog content at least 16 times a month generate 3.5 times more website traffic and 4.5 times more leads than companies that only update their blog a few times a month. A blog is a fantastic way to answer your prospects’ urgent questions (e.g. How should I structure my Google Ads account?) Into accessible, long-form content.

An Infographic: Sometimes, your prospect wants a quick snapshot of insightful data, ideally presented in an aesthetically pleasing format. Also, if the information you share is precious, there is a good chance it will generate significant interest around other users.

– An Ebook: In-depth, well-researched educational content that takes a bit more formal tone than your regular blog post. As a rule, potential customers who download the ebook are assumed to expect higher rigour, depth, originality and value.

A Webinar: This is an Internet seminar: lecture-style content presented to an exclusive Web audience. With this format, a member (or a few members) of your team has the opportunity to provide valuable information and to do it in a highly engaging and customizable way.

– The Podcast: Like the webinar, the podcast format allows you to give your brand a particular personality. That way, when your prospects make their final decisions, they’ll remember you as a valuable and easily recognizable asset. Podcasting doesn’t have to be labour-intensive either. If you have a laptop, a couple of microphones and the right light, you are already in business.

Example of Inbound Funnel
“Use Inbound Marketing to Engage, Convert and Retain Your Target Audience” by L. Kloot. Available at

Strategies to Engage

Engagement strategies can include how you handle inbound sales calls. Focus on how customer service representatives handle calls from interested people and prospects. Also, make sure you’re always selling solutions rather than selling products. This will ensure that all deals are concluded offering benefits for customers and your business, which means you provide value to your right customers.

Loyalty Strategies

These strategies involve your team members who become consultants and experts who assist clients at any time, including after-sales.

Incorporating intelligent and timely chatbots and surveys to assist, support, and request customers’ feedback is a great way to delight these people. Bots and surveys should be shared at specific times throughout the customer journey to ensure they make sense and are of value.

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What is the difference between Inbound and Content Marketing?

With the Inbound method, the user gets in direct contact with your company, thanks to targeted and exciting content. Above all, it is optimized from an SEO perspective, published on your platforms.

Content Marketing is a technique used in inbound for lead generation purposes and to increase brand awareness, i.e., to generate a list of contacts potentially interested in your products.

How many marketers and b2b rely on the Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Statistics
“52 Crucial Inbound Marketing Statistics: 2020 Market Share Analysis & Data” by FinancesOnline. Available at

According to these statistics above, gathered and shown by FinancesOnline:

  • 74% of organizations worldwide rely on an inbound approach to marketing;
  • 53% of marketers believe that inbound marketing yields higher ROI;
  • amongst the most effective strategies, there are Content Marketin, Al and big data.

The top challenges that companies are facing are lead generation, provide ROI, secure enough budget for marketing activities.


Stay updated on the latest trends to keep up with your audience behaviour and needs. And offer them the right solution for their problems, at the right place and right time. Then start to nurture them until they become leads.

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