Will Influencer Marketing ever rule the world?

6 reasons you should be talking about Influencer Marketing from now on

Doesn’t matter in which industry you work, or what your product is. To boost your business and beat your competitor, consider engaging with influencers.

While Influencer Marketing is quite accessible to large companies or professionals with a high ROI, for small companies it is a sensitive argument.

In this article, I will outline 6 reasons why you should take into consideration engaging with influencers in your niche.

What is Influencer Marketing and why does it matter?

Influencer Marketing is an external way to achieve some of business goals:

  • Expand awareness and reach;
  • Drive traffic on the web or blog, by backlinks;
  • Boost Engagement on Social Media;
  • Drive sales in case you have a shop online or you are selling services;
  • Increase your brand reputation.

By now it is a very common method between B2B / B2C and leaders in their niche. It is a system to collaborate with these personalities who can help businesses get their message across to a wide audience.

There are benefits for both parts: the influencer will get some compensation and the business more visibility

Who are the influencers?

Influencers can be journalists, bloggers, vloggers, public figures and leader within a specific niche.

How many types of influencers are there? How to differentiate them?

How to evaluate influencers by number of audience. There are different ranges.
How to evaluate influencers by number of audience, by HypeAuditor.

But which one to choose among these?

Within a large audience, could be hundreds of people who could be not very interested in your product and service. This would undermine the result of the campaign and not have the conversions you have set yourself.

What the market and I can suggest is contact and collaborate with Nano Influencers, for many reasons.

Nano Influencers have many advantages: the familiar tone of voice, their effort is genuine, they build a transparent and profitable relationship with the brand, and they have real followers.

Remember: the benefits of this campaign should be mutual!

How to find the right Influencer?

1. Identify your goal: boost sales, increase social media engagement, drive web traffic;

2. Execute research by using free tools such as Buzzstream, Buzzsumo, Followerwonk. Evaluate them by relevance to your brand and resonance. Or you can simply outsource the campaign management.

3. Investigate the quality of the influencers’ presence: are they true experts in your industry? How do they engage with their followers? What type of costumer do they reach?

4. Calculate their Engagement Rate:

Formula: total no engagement/tot no of followers. And then the divided up the result by total no of posts.

For example:

-Instagram Rate: 1% is low, 3% is average, 7% high;

-Twitter Rate:0,06% is average, 2,7% is high.

What criteria is most important when evaluating influencers? Engagement or clicks, views and impressions, content
What criteria is most important when evaluating influencers? By Influencers Kings

How to build your strategy?

1. Identify your target demographic;

2. Research and find the right influencer;

3. Contact him with original content, interesting project and adequate offer;

4. Establish which method to use;

5. Monitor and measure the ROI and the campaign.

There are different types of strategies:

  • Takeover campaign: the influencer will manage the brand social media accounts;
  • Content Sharing:he will share brand-approved content on his platforms;
  • Branded #: he will share content by a dedicated #;
  • Giveaways: he will encourage the audience to participate in a contest where the prize is the brand’s product;
  • Guest Content: he will guest blog posts on his website and promotes it by backlinks;
  • Live interviews or webinars;
  • Reviews;
  • Use Ads with a dedicated #, incorporating the brand’s name and the word partner. Example: #….([brand name]_partner).

Influencer Marketing Hub

This website is the most trusted resource for influencers, agencies, and platforms. You can consult this amazing website to find information, statistics, tools, and tips. It provides also a calculator relative to each social media.

Influencer Marketing with Social Media

According to Sproutsocial, the top three industries working with Instagram influencers are luxury brands, sports clothing and beauty brands.

% brands working with influencers on Instagram by sector.
% brands working with influencers on Instagram by sector. By L2 Gartner
Which social media are most important for influencer marketing?
Which social media are most important for influencer marketing? By Mediakix

According to Statista, the most used content by influencers is such the image below:

Formats most effecitve for influencers by Statista.
Formats most effecitve for influencers by Statista.

Some curiosities:

Countries with the highest Instagram influencer engagement in February 2020, have been Finland with 5.51%, followed by Greece at 5%.

Countries with the lowest Instagram influencer engagement in February 2020, have been Kazakhstan with 0,37%, followed by Kyrgyzstan at 0,38%.

Brands who use Influencer Marketing campaigns

For cinema and TV lovers, who don’t remember the selfie made by Ellen DeGeneres during the Oscar night 2014?

Well, do you think was just improvisation? Ehm…no, it wasn’t.

After the shoot published on Twitter, in less than 40 minutes, she got over a million retweets. She made it the most re-tweeted selfie in history. Beyond the celebrities, the name of Samsung became viral.

Daniel Wellington

More than 1.8 million publications generated on Instagram to date with the hashtag #DanielWellington.

What am I talking about? Wellington is a watch and accessories brand for both men and women. He implemented a shop on Instagram. He has been able to combine high-level brand and design with celebrities who lived daily moments wearing the watch. Using the branded hashtag on Instagram, he had a high ROI and success.


If you are considering collaborating with an Influencer and you would like to manage the campaign yourself, think about your goal and audience first. How will your target react to this type of brand promotion? Will it be worth it?

Write down the pros and cons, the usually SWOT analysis, and then start to work on it.

Good luck!

Valeria Di Lonardo

Digital Marketer Freelancer| Ita & Eng| I help professionals and small businesses find the simplest way to boost their activity.

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