Top 15 social media questions from potential clients

Top 15 Questions from Clients are looking for an SM Manager
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How to Answer Common Social Media Questions and Get the Job

Freeing a potential customer who needs a Social Media Management service from false beliefs is not easy. 

With these popular 15 questions, you can answer any questions and get the job! Let’s start and if you like to add any other question that you received, please feel free to comment below!

1. Do I need to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope etc.? Customers ask this question to find out if they have to do it all.

Answer: No. You only have to participate where it makes sense. You don’t need to do everything. I will assess where your customers are participating and what makes sense for your audience and your industry. But you don’t always need to be on every platform. Even if your customers are on Twitter and you hate using Twitter, you don’t have to use it. You need to enjoy what you are doing. Or you can hire me to do it for you. We keep an open dialogue so that you know what is happening and what is working for you. 

2. What results can I expect from social media?

Answer: It depends on your participation in each platform, and it depends on your goals. Or it depends on the level of service you hire me for. A minimal posting schedule will result in minimal growth and minimal interaction. But when you are engaging and more active, you can significantly impact the buzz you are generating, your sales, and the traffic to your website. It’s not instantaneous, takes time and effort, and may need to include some social advertising costs. You also need to have a clear funnel and call to action, so your social media efforts feed your email list if this is your goal. Once on your email list, then you can do more traditional marketing. 

3. How do I get more followers on Twitter?

Answer: The most significant mistake people make on Twitter is using it only to broadcast and not talking to other people. Retweeting isn’t even always the most engaging (commenting with a retweet is better – this is called a Quote Retweet). Following new people, using lists, using searches, participating in Tweetchats are good ways to connect to new followers. Follow people, and 30-­50% will follow you back – so do the math. If you want 240 new Followers every month, you’ll need to Follow over 800 every month. Some things to keep in mind; design your account profile to be attractive to your preferred audience, make sure you have an essential hashtag in your bio, and your website link goes to a landing page to give them something in exchange for their email. Actively Following and engaging in chats will grow the followers quickly 

4. How do I get more Likes on Facebook?

Answer: I suggest engaging with other pages, post often, cross-promote on other platforms, and do more Live videos. With your money, you can run Facebook ads or run Facebook contests. Or you can do both. It’s straightforward. The more you post highly ­shareable content – the more you get organic Page Likes. The more you create ads – the more Paid Likes you get. Do both. 

5. How do I get more connections on LinkedIn?

Answer: Strategically connect to at least 20 new people a week. Use the Add Connections section to find people you may know. Amazingly, LinkedIn knows you know those people. Use LinkedIn Groups to connect to like­minded people and potential customers. Remember to keep your profile SEO fresh – using the most important keywords for your industry. Use your Headline to announce conferences you’ll be attending, new product launches and other “press release” worthy items. Post on your account and create exciting and pertinent articles, don’t just use the status update system. 

6. How do I update Twitter from Facebook?

Answer: There are a lot of ways to do this. If you want to tweet every Facebook post automatically, you can go to and link those accounts. I don’t recommend putting a lot of Twitter lingo in your Facebook posts if you will use a 3rd party tool to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. 

7. How do I get seen in the Facebook News Feed? 

Answer: The million-dollar question these days. Pages are not showing up as much in the newsfeed, and it’s frustrating. There are only four ways to expand Reach and get seen in the newsfeed more often; post content your audience LOVES to Share, use excellent keywords and hashtags, partnerships for sharing, and advertising. Remember to check the Page Insights to see which post your audience is sharing and commenting on – and do more of those! 

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8. How do I run a Facebook contest? 

Answer:  You can either run a Timeline Contest or use a Facebook App to run a contest. You definitely cannot randomly enter people like your page; they have to enter themselves in a 3rd party App or follow the Timeline sweepstakes/contest rules. Timeline contests are the easiest to run – but you need to follow the rules. You need to know Why you are running a game. Is it to support your fans? Or is it to find a new audience by advertising the competition to a broader audience? Do you want to run a contest to add them to your email list? Figure these things out first and then use the appropriate system. 

9. Why should I pay for Facebook Ads when I hired you to post to my page? 

 Answer: Facebook is a pay-­to-­play space now. Almost everyone needs to spend a little money on Facebook to be more effective there. 

10. How do I add a custom tab (or custom app) to my Facebook Page? 

Answer:  Custom tabs are becoming less critical to Facebook Pages. If you are running a contest and want to collect emails, you need to use a Facebook App that shows up as a Tab. It’s better to use the Call­-To-­Action button to gain email addresses that show up well on mobile. 

11. How do I find my customers on Facebook? 

Answer:  I work with you to strategically target other Pages, encourage sharing and interaction on your page, and possibly run targeted ad campaigns and contests. It would help if you had a clear business funnel where I can direct people to go. Generally, it is good to adopt an inbound marketing system on social as direct sales are not the easiest thing to do. I can help you build authority in your field by the types of posts and help you add to your email list by giving away things your audience needs. All of these things will help us find your customers on Facebook. 

12. How often should I post to social media? 

Answer:  On Facebook, 1 or 2 times per day is typically ideal, but it can also depend on your audience. Twitter can handle more posts per day (10-­24) and depends on your growth goals. Posting a status update once a day on LinkedIn is good, plus using the Article system once or twice a month works well. Posting regularly on YouTube is vital. If you are using a live video social platform – you might need to post at least once a week. 

13. Do I need to blog? 

Answer: Yes.   Google loves fresher content; many websites would improve their search results by blogging even once a month. You will continually add more keywords to your site and attract new customers by blogging. It would help if you blogged to have a place to send social traffic to and have a place to convert readers into leads. Blogging is a quick and easy way to show your social authority in your niche. 

14. What should I measure on social media? Or how do I measure ROI? 

Answer:  You should measure what your goals are. You will need to track the growth of followers, engagement, clicks to your website and a few other items. You need to put some technical code in place to track actual sales. And that is done on your website and thank you pages. Also, custom coupon codes are an easy way to track from social to sales. Growth in Fans, Followers, and connections is a decent measure of social media health but doesn’t tell the whole story. I put reports together that give you a picture of the health of your sites, and we can work together to track sales. 

15. How do I sell more with social media? 

  1. Make good connections by giving away helpful content.
  2. Use social media to get to know your prospects in the same way you would at a Networking meeting.
  3. Post-sales messages only 10-­20% of the time and deliver great information, tips, and content the rest of the time. You will create raving fans who will do the selling for you.
  4. Most importantly, drive social media users to your email list and use your email marketing to do your selling for you.

An easy formula to remember is ­ Gain Trust -­ Build Relationships -­ Offer Solutions. 

Would you like to add more questions?

Please, comment below and share your experience to help the newbie prepare for the first meeting with a potential client.

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